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PvE progress in T16 worldwide

Progress data for T16 is inaccurate (kill dates) because of 5.4 statistic changes in Armory. Our site using different detection mechanism than other sites, what allowed us to perfectly distinct raid formats. Since the 5.4 release, this does not work anymore. All pre 5.4 data is accurate.

Guild Realm Progress Score # World # Region # Subregion # Realm Misc.
set sail for fail (25)EU-Nathrezim13/14910471111
Promethean (25)US-Malfurion13/14905992111
Midwinter (25)US-Sargeras13/14901443221
Schwingen des Phoenix (25)EU-Zirkel des Cenarius13/14900604221
Ascendance (25)EU-Draenor13/14896545311
Echoes (25)EU-Laughing Skull13/14896466421
Apex (25)EU-Al'Akir13/14896127531
Rapid Eye Movement (25)EU-Stormscale13/14895778641
Incarnate (25)US-Ner'zhul13/14895739331
Би Негатив (25)EU-Razuvious13/148946810711
Duality (25)US-Zul'jin13/148944411441
Immersion (25)EU-Frostmane13/148929612851
critical luders (25)EU-Durotan13/148925713931
One Leap To Heaven (25)EU-Kirin Tor13/1489163141011
The Fallen (25)EU-Ysondre13/1489083151121
Ascension (25)SEA-Barthilas13/148907116111
Enraged Revolution (25)EU-Sylvanas13/1488954171261
Reign of Nemesis (25)EU-Medivh13/1488890181331
GoodGame (25)EU-Frostmane13/1488833191472
Aurora (25)EU-Stormrage13/1488809201581

Below you may see the statistic of bosses kills. Statistic is relative, 100% is the most killed boss in the tier-format.

Paragons of the Klaxxi (H)83141 (0.01%)
Paragons of the Klaxxi957400 (3.22%)
Garrosh Hellscream (H)126211014 (8.16%)
Siegecrafter Blackfuse (H)90991790 (14.41%)
Thok the Bloodthirsty (H)70312760 (22.22%)
Spoils of Pandaria (H)70143242 (26.10%)
Malkorok (H)66653454 (27.80%)
General Nazgrim (H)66444192 (33.74%)
Kor'kron Dark Shaman (H)63764342 (34.95%)
Sha of Pride (H)63344423 (35.60%)
Iron Juggernaut (H)42804501 (36.23%)
Galakras (H)63444683 (37.70%)
Norushen (H)38195011 (40.34%)
Fallen Protectors (H)37445192 (41.79%)
Immerseus (H)34205826 (46.90%)
Garrosh Hellscream13786099 (49.09%)
Siegecrafter Blackfuse5307352 (59.18%)
Thok the Bloodthirsty5227646 (61.55%)
Spoils of Pandaria5178364 (67.33%)
Malkorok5108622 (69.40%)
General Nazgrim5019571 (77.04%)
Kor'kron Dark Shaman5069905 (79.73%)
Iron Juggernaut48810019 (80.65%)
Galakras48510129 (81.53%)
Sha of Pride48010744 (86.48%)
Norushen47410948 (88.13%)
Fallen Protectors46812282 (98.87%)
Immerseus46512423 (100.00%)

Score calculation algorithm

  • Progress analysis is 100% correct with detecting 10/25 kills for characters. No missed kills in any bracket. Problem may happen because of Armory malfunction or connection issues.
  • Boss kill for the guild counted if there are 6+ participants for 10 men and 13+ for 25 men kills.
  • There are 4 ratings for each tier-format: Worldwide, Region (US, EU, etc.), Subregion (EU-DE, EU-RU, etc) and Realm. I know, that there is no sence in Subregion rating for some Regions, but anyway.
  • Progress being shown for Tier at all, not by dungeons. For example, there are 16 bosses in T14 in two modes, so T14 progress is X/32.
  • Progress score calculated dynamicaly and normalized:
    • Dynamic score — maximal boss score taken not from nowhere, but calculated from time difference between encounter release moment (became available for tries) and first kill in the world. Kill time being normalized before calculating, see below. There is a cap of total score per tier - 100k. This pool divided between encounters, depending on time between release date and first kill of encounter.
    • Normalization — because raid dungeons not being opened simultaneously in different regions, we are making time normalization when calculating score. Kill order stay natural and intact, but all scores are calculated like if all regions got encounter available in one moment.
    • If guild has killed the boss in both normal and heroic modes, it's getting maximal available score for normal kill and standard score for heroic.
    • If two guilds getting same score, higer place will have that one, which got first normalized kill.
  • After patch 5.1., Korean guilds will be excluded from world ranking, because of separated 10/25 men saves. But they will stay in Region, Subregion and Realm ratings.

Please note:

  1. Normalization offsets being counted for T14+ (for now). Usually offsets being added in a week after release of content.
  2. System went out of EU-RU region few days ago, so scanning the world atm. Information can be a bit outdated, but will be ok in a few days. Do not hesitate to update your guild manually.

All suggestions and criticism you may send me using feedback form (until forum is up).

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